Messages from Rabbi Russo

October 9, 2015 - 26 Tishrei

Shabbat Shalom. 
I recently came across a t-shirt online that reads, "Rabbis love Heshvan." For a chuckle, you can see the t-shirt here.

The month of Tishrei is full of meaningful and hectic holidays followed by the month of Heshvan, referred to by the rabbis as Mar Heshvan, "bitter" Heshvan because there are no Jewish holidays in the entire month.  This Shabbat, Parashat Bereshit, is also Mevarchin HaHodesh, where we announce the new month of Heshvan in the coming week.
The holidays were both energizing and exhausting.  We soared with one incredible holiday after another.  Simchat Torah felt particularly joyous this year as we had a truly intergenerational crowd with lots of ruach - spirit.  To everyone who participated and volunteered including those who became parking attendants, honor givers, sin admitters, synagogue cleaners, Torah cover changers, singers, daveners, chair arrangers, usherers, donation pledgers, Torah readers, service leaders, greeters, preparers of break-fast, Torah holiday text finders, soap dispenser purchasers, Torah dancers and carriers, Ark beautifiers, music makers, shofar blowers, email responders, phone call responders, meal makers, sukkah builders, food preparers, youth educators, food donators, Torah word correctors, vow abiders, Simchat Torah shot distributors, tashlikh breadcrumb throwers, and more...thank you!   It is remarkable and humbling to see how people work so hard during this time of year to ensure smooth holidays.  

On that note, if you have specific, actionable feedback from the High Holy Days, we want to hear about it!  We are always looking to improve upon our services and our systems in the future.  Please email Helaine at with your constructive feedback and/or positive feedback about the High Holy Days.  She will compile a list to be shared with the synagogue leadership, rabbi, and ritual committee.  If you would like your comments to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your e-mail, and your name will be removed from your comments.    
Shabbat Shalom.