Messages from Rabbi Russo

December 4, 2015 - 22 Kislev

When tragedy strikes, as it did this week in San Bernardino, we can feel trapped like Joseph in the pit.  For unknown reasons, a killer opened fire at a holiday party.  Just last week Planned Parenthood was under fire.  We might feel deep in the pit of despair.  Why do people choose death and destruction? What will it take for us to rise out of the pit?  We pray for safety and calm.  We use the light of the upcoming Hanukah holiday to contemplate our own light and how we will use our power to bring more calm.  We navigate between prayer and action as we seek healing following more loss of life and more heartbreak.
This Shabbat we will come together as a sacred community to seek comfort and inspiration from each other.  How will we pray as if our lives depend on it?  How will we be moved to action to try to repair a fractured world with heartbreaking gun violence?  As we enter
Shabbat this week, we hold these questions and our loved ones tight as we pray for calm.