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June 6, 2015 - 19 Sivan 5775

June 6, 2015
19 Sivan 5775
One of the themes within this week's parashah, Behaalotkha, is social isolation. Miriam and Aaron speak out against Moshe, and Miriam contracts tzaraat and remains outside the camp for seven days. This insider and outsider status manifests in so many different ways in our lives and in our Jewish lives. It can be very painful when we feel disconnected, or in Miriam's case, physically far. Moses's response is to pray. He says, "El Nah Refanah La", "Please God heal her please" (Numbers 12:13). Prayer serves as a point of connection when Miriam is ill, and Moshe spontaneously prays to God.

We want to ensure that everyone who prays with us can feel a sense of connection when they are here. One of the ways we are working to create this welcoming atmosphere is by putting up sound files of the prayers on the website. Hazzan Michael Kasper created beautiful recordings of the Friday night service, and I encourage you to listen to them and to familiarize yourselves with the melodies we use at CSI. We hope this will be a valuable resource to you.

You can find the recordings at Click on "Come Celebrate" and then "Shabbat Services" and scroll down to see the recordings.  
Shabbat Shalom.