Messages from Rabbi Russo

September 18, 2015 - 5 Tishrei 5776

I am overwhelmed with gratitude as we pause this Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur for Shabbat Shuva. So many people work so hard to ensure that services are meaningful and run smoothly. We are blessed with dedicated staff and lay leaders who work tirelessly all year and especially during the High Holy Day Season. This Shabbat, I share with you a prayer for the New Year:    

A Prayer For the New Year  From: "The World of the High Holidays"*

During this coming year:
May you enjoy good health and happiness.

May peace reign over our country
and throughout the world.

May you have a kiss from your beloved,
a smile from a child,
a warm cozy house
with the aroma of good food baking in the oven.

May you have wise governors and merciful tax collectors,
good friends and neighbors.

May you enjoy the fruits of your labors,
celebrate birthdays and anniversaries,
and may the sun shine on your face...but not too much.

May you see a rainbow.

May your team score a touchdown.

May the Sabbath Queen enter your home,
and enable you to follow the teachings of Torah with love.

May you enjoy peace of mind, and may all your dreams be sweet ones

May the world be a better place because you are in it,
and may you find delight:
in reading a good book,
finding a bargain,
doing a good deed,
and giving charity with a free and open hand.

Whenever it rains--as it will--
may you have an umbrella.

And may we meet on the streets of Jerusalem
in the year to come.

We wish our CSI family all this and more.
Shanah Tovah.

*With thanks to my home synagogue, Temple Beth Sholom, who introduced me to this prayer.