Messages from Rabbi Russo

March 11, 2016 - 1 Adar Bet

I recommend following the Etz Hayim Torah commentary this week as we read more about God's presence in Parashat Pekudei.  God leads the Israelites in two forms, by a cloud and by fire.  The Etz Hayim commentary understands the forms of fire and cloud as symbolic for the modes of relating to God.  The fire is the big moments in life, the miracles, the times we feel that we encounter God.  This can be weddings, births, and even near misses with death.  God portrayed as a cloud can be representative of the longer processes and the everyday presence of God in the daily schedules of life.  Examples of this can be extended processes like adjusting to a new job, going through a period of mourning, or aiding family members.
Parashat Pekudei reminds us that our relationship with God can be found in both the revelatory moments and our daily moments.  Whether we are having a wonderful week or a difficult one, finding ways to seek out God, can aid us as we prepare to enter Shabbat.
Shabbat Shalom.