Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services

We hold Erev Shabbat services at 6 pm on Friday evenings and Shabbat services at 9:30 am on Saturday mornings. Shabbat services on Saturday mornings are followed by a Kiddush Luncheon. Tot Shabbat starts at 11 am each Saturday morning, and our youngsters and Hebrew School students join us on the bimah at the end of services.

Please be sure to stay with us for lunch so that we may meet you and get to know you in a friendly, informal setting.

We hope that you enjoy celebrating Shabbat with us and that your experience at CSI is inspirational and meaningful.  Our vibrant Community is eager to make you feel at home.

If you’re coming to services with us for the first time, please tell our Greeter, who will welcome you when you enter our building. After the service, please introduce yourself to Rabbi Russo and Hazzan Kasper. We’re sure that many congregants will want to greet you and welcome you to our spiritual home.

Shabbat Eve Music

We're very proud of our musical Friday night services at CSI.  On the left  you'll find sound files for the nusach (tunes) we generally use. Please feel free to download and listen to them. As you become familiar with them, you'll find it easier to join in the spirited singing at our Friday night Erev Shabbat service.  
Thank you to Hazzan Michael Kasper for creating these files for us. The pages on which these prayers appear are shown below so you can follow along in your Sim Shalom prayerbook as you listen. 
-  Shalom Aleichem, page 13
- Shabbat Hamalka, page 13

Yedid Nefesh, page 14
- L'Khu N'Ra'N'Na, Psalm 95, page 15
- Shiru Ladonai, Psalm 96, page 16
Adonai Malach, Psalm 97, page 17
- Mizmor Shiru Ladonai, Pslam 98, page 18
- Adonai Malach, Psalm 99, page 19
- Mizmor L'David, Psalm 29, page 20 
- Ana B'Khoach, page 20
L'Kha Dodi, page 21
- Tov L'Hodot, Psalm 92, page 23
- Adonai Malach Geiut Laveish, Psalm 93, page 24

Egalitarian and "Big Tent"

CSI is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue and a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. We are a Big Tent congregation as we invite anyone into our home.  We happily welcome interfaith families and members of the LGBTQ community.  We extend a warm greeting to our members, visitors, newcomers and prospective members!

During services please don’t hesitate to ask your neighbor for help finding the page in the Siddur (prayerbook). We encourage you to move through the service at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

Do take your time with any moments of personal prayer. If the service leader is singing words and you’d like to, hum along, sing lai-lai-lai or engage in quiet reflection. Please let us know how we can help enhance your prayer experience.